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BreezeAir - Filterless Air Purifier

🦠Effective: Relieves allergies
🔇Quiet : Less than 27 dB !
🏠Fresh: Pure air for the whole house!
  • No costly filters
  • UK, EU and US Certified
  • Cleans up to 24 m² !
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What's Included ?

  • Your BreezeAir unit
  • USB C Standard Cable (fits any power brick)
  • User Manual

Does BreezeAir use filters ?

No, these air purifiers utilize our BreezeIon™ technology, making them filterless. This means efficient air purification without the need to regularly purchase replacement filters.

Is BreezeAir safe ?

Absolutely! BreezeAir is designed with your safety in mind and has obtained multiple certifications to ensure its safety and quality.

Our air purifiers meets both Europe and US standards and has achieved the stringent California Proposition 65 (CP65) certification, which is one of the most rigorous safety standards in the USA.

Additionally BreezeAir is CE, FCC, RoHS and EPA certified.

These certifications demonstrate our commitment to providing a safe and effective product for our customers.

CE: BKC-180500502R

FCC: BKC-180500501R

RoHS: BKC-170702435R

CP65: SFT18120724E

EPA: 97547-CHN-1


Each BreezeAir comes with a one year warranty from the purchase date.

BreezeAir vs others


Other air purifiers

Filter replacement


Small form factor



Did You Know ?

You Breathe 11'000 Liters Of Air Each Day.

That’s A Lot Of Air!

The environmental protection agency has ranked indoor air quality as one of the most concerning dangers we face daily.

They highlights indoor air as significantly more polluted than outdoor air, posing serious health risks. Despite testing many air purifiers, none effectively purified the air, leading us to design BreezeAir !

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  • Invest in your Family's Health

    BreezeAir Removes Harmful Toxins from Your Home! Traditional air purifiers can remove some pollutants from the air. With our integrated UV technology the BreezeAir purifier goes above and beyond to eliminate even the smallest particles and toxins that can harm your family's health.

  • Keep your car healthy

    We made sure to keep BreezeAir in a small form factor so it can also be used in your car cup holder. Now there's no excuse to keep your car polluted.

Purifies every room 💨

Every BreezeAir unit covers up to 24m² of your house.

Purchase our top-selling bundle today and experience total home freshness and protection.

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  • Ease Allergy Symptoms

    Bid farewell to itchy eyes, a runny nose, and relentless sneezing every hay fever season.

  • Provide Smoke Protection

    Stay clear of breathing tobacco and cigarette smoke, which can cause chronic diseases.

  • Purge Viruses and Bacteria

    Filter out viruses and bacteria from the air, preventing airborne infections and maintaining your health.

  • Eradicate Pollutants and Pollen

    BreezeAir effectively handles dust, cooking smoke, plastic fumes, pollen, and other pollutants that can provoke negative bodily responses.

Why BreezeAir ?

Stop overpaying for bulky and noisy air filters ! We're here to stop this scam and make breathing healthy air affordable!


Great news! Our filters come at the unbeatable price of $0 – yes, you read that right, absolutely nothing! Even better, they never need replacing, offering you hassle-free maintenance unlike anything else on the market.

While competitors demand a hefty $20 every other weeks for filter replacements, our solution stands apart, saving you money and time in the long run. Say goodbye to frequent expenses and hello to uninterrupted enjoyment.

Yes, all models come equipped with a UV light.

Yes, the device must be plugged in at all times for the sensors to work properly.

Wipe the device with a clean cloth once or twice a week for optimal performance. That's all !

Yes, The BreezeAir is designed to reduce the presence of smoke (including cigarette smoke and that from forest fires), mold, and mold spores, especially with its built-in UV light feature.

BreezeAir is designed to be beneficial for individuals with conditions like COPD, especially with the UV light feature. However, always consult with a medical professional for specific health concerns.

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