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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BreezeAir Plus use filters ?

No, these air purifiers utilize our BreezeIon™ technology, making them filterless. This means efficient air purification without the need for regular filter replacements.

How much does the filters cost and how ofter do I need to replace them ?

Great news! Our filters come at the unbeatable price of $0 – yes, you read that right, absolutely nothing! Even better, they never need replacing, offering you hassle-free maintenance unlike anything else on the market.

While competitors demand a hefty $20 every other weeks for filter replacements, our solution stands apart, saving you money and time in the long run. Say goodbye to frequent expenses and hello to uninterrupted enjoyment.

How Often can I use it ?

On a Daily basis ! Our BreezeAir purifier is made to be used all year long !

How noisy is the BreezeAir ?

The device operates at less than 27 decibels, making it very quiet, similar to someone whispering in the same room as you.

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